10 July 2011


It has been a lazy weekend in Luxembourg. Most of my roommates are gone, some home to Strasbourg, some to Belgium. Home is so much closer for them - easy enough to get to for a weekend trip. Plus, they know all of the international transportation systems better. And they speak the language(s). All in all, weekend travel is something that I am not as capable of as my fellow residents. I don't mind. In just a few weeks, I will set out on my own eleven-day adventure, visiting Brugge, Brussels and finally Paris. I've never been to Paris so I have high hopes for that leg of the trip. Anyway, back to the present. A quiet weekend on a quiet residential street in Luxembourg city. I usually like to go for a walk on Sunday and do a bit of exploring, but the weather is a bit glum so I think it will be a truly quiet day of reading and internet-ing.

Friday night I was invited to the bars at Clausen but I was a bit tired and with my roommates gone I didn't want to trek to (and back from) Clausen alone, though the area is quite fun and always packed with young people. Instead, I went to the Cinematheque's outdoor screening of Casablanca - a true Hollywood classic. The movie was shown in a fairly courtyard in the centre, about a block away from the cinematheque (although in the centre everything is basically a block away from everything else so that doesn't mean much). There was a huge screen set up and they made chairs available to however many people could cram themselves in and drinks were served from an adjoining cafe. It was lovely, and I couldn't believe how many people were there. Most were able to find a place to sit, but some just stood in the back. I hope to go again, but I now know to arrive early as to avoid bad seats or none at all.

Saturday I made a delicious tuna melt, stayed in, chatted with a few friends, and watched a somewhat embarrassing number of episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Once again, life here - not that different than life at home. Perhaps it would be if I went out a little more, constantly met new people, became a regular at a Luxembourgish bar, but I'm not really the crazy partying type. I tend to prefer to go out one night and stay in the other. I think working 9-6 Monday through Friday has made me especially keen on low-key weekends. Or maybe I'm just old.

Back to my lazy Luxembourgish Sunday.

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  1. that trip you have planned sounds great! (lazy sundays are totally respectable by the way)